Tools & Tips

Soon, as I get a bit more organized around here, the tools we use and recommend and the tips we have found to make food fun, easy, and fabulous will be posted here. Keep checking back and watch the blog, as I will announce updates there as well!

In the meantime, let there be YOGURT!

bento frozen yogurt shapes
You really can have fun with yogurt! Sure, you could just eat it as is or with some fruit and nuts, but you can do so much more with it, so why wouldn't you? Don't get me wrong. Add-ins are one of my favorite things to use, and, of course, there are hundreds of fantastic recipes with yogurt, but that's not what this is all about. This is more on the 'playing with your food' line of thinking. For yogurt, usually all you need is a mold and a freezer, and you have struck the creative goldmine. Anything is possible! Nearly anything, at least!

Visit Fun with Yogurt for now, but stay tuned for more creative yogurt tips coming soon!

*TIP* The first tip I have for you is to use Greek yogurt or whole milk yogurt. Our personal favorites hands down are Brown Cow Cream Top and Chobani, but Stoneyfield YoBaby or YoKids work good too. Not only are they the most delicious (don't even attempt to argue otherwise), but the thicker, richer nature of them tends to work best when 'playing' around. And, the taste? Um, yeah... did I mention they are THE best! Also, though not a requirement necessarily, we try to steer clear of those brands with added color, fake flavors, thickening agents (the shame, the horror), and the worst in my opinion, the artificial sweeteners. Gag..