Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The First Day of First Grade

I can't quite grasp the fact that the day has finally arrived. When summer began, I felt like school was a lifetime away, but here we are... the first day of 1st Grade! The time flew... I should have known it would. I find myself both excited for what the year will bring, what changes and growth are to come, and equally sad because every step towards those things sometimes seems a step further away from my little girl. Some days are just harder than others to watch her walk away...

Zoe's Lunchbox 1st Grade

I decided that I would take requests on the first day's lunch, and it should have been no surprise that waffles was what immediately got asked for. Waffles, it is!

1st Grade Bento Lunch
Waffles w/ maple syrup, Colby Jack cheese, shredded carrots and a mini marshmallow, along with Silk dark chocolate almond milk and water.
1st grade snack box
Snack box - tricolor seedless grapes and a nut mix of raw almonds, cashews, dry roasted peanuts, and butterscotch chips.

Pottery Barn lunchbag
Lunch, snack, napkin, and drinks were packed in our brand new Pottery Barn retro lunchbag that we were lucky enough to score at a local PB Outlet (thanks Gram). We also picked up a pencil bag that I may or may not have snagged for my own gel pens.. oops. The lunchbox we used today was also from Pottery Barn, but some of the other little goodies can be scored from Amazon in the affiliate links below.

In this lunch...