Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kindergarten St. Patrick's Day

Make a green snack for Kindergarten the teacher says, so after narrowing down the green choices with the kiddo, we have lunch and snack fit for the occasion. I really hadn't thought about all the food choices that are green, and there sure are a lot of them! It took some convincing that she didn't need a bite of EVERY green food she came up with. I think I'd need a bigger lunchbox, for sure.While the kiddo has fun in school, mama will be celebrating with some Guinness cupcakes! Bailey's buttercream, anyone? Me, me, me! http://www.zoeslunchbox.com/2012/03/recipe-review-guinness-chocolate.html - in case, you're thinking the same thing...

St. Patrick's Day lunch
Butter croissant with herb cream cheese, grapes, green Goldfish crackers, turkey sausage, and a gold chocolate coin.

St. Patrick's Day lunch
Spinach, Granny Smith apple, cucumber, kiwi, and green grapes.

In these lunches...


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