Monday, February 9, 2015

100 Days of Kindergarten!

First, let me apologize. I'm totally off my game. I made lunch and snack to match the special day, and we made a special project for school. Did I take a picture to share the project? No. Did I snap a photo of the snack and lunch? Sort of.

Cucumbers, mini pretzel thins (bottom of the bag, as you can see), cheddar/mozzarella cheese, and salami.

The snack, since I apparently didn't get a picture, was grapes, cheese cut in the number '100', and some cashews. I swear when that button project comes home, I'll be adding it to this post if nothing else, for my own sake. It was super cute. Zoe chose to use buttons for her 100 objects and had the idea of making a rainbow with them, with 10 of each color. It turned out really cute. For now, you'll just have to take my word for it.
Wait! Did I mention that it has been 100 days of school! What?? It's all very exciting, but mama can hardly wait for summer!

In this lunch...


  1. Very cute! I can't wait for warmer weather!!

  2. We had our 100th day a few weeks ago. Of course, my phone was acting up, had to be wiped and I lost my calendar notes so totally forgot to make a 100th day lunch. You are totally ahead of me on that front!