Monday, December 1, 2014

Giving Thanks

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was a mix of family, fun and filled with firsts.. baby's first Thanksgiving, first time in the high chair, first 'real' food (grandma's sweet potatoes).. and sadly, baby's first tooth. I can't tell you why exactly I stuck my finger in baby's mouth last night, but I did. And what I felt was not expected AT ALL. A little tooth has broken through. What?! She just turned 6 months like 2 days ago.. how is this possible? Things are moving too quickly for mama... slow down little one. Slow down! Love these girls.. so much to be thankful for, for sure!

Zoe's Lunchbox Zoe's Lunchbox Thanksgiving lunchbots
Lunch before the holiday break - Turkey pepperoni, provolone cheese, cucumbers, bell peppers, ranch dip in container, mini cream puff, and veggie straws.

And in other news... Ruby the Elf has arrived. She must have had a long night since she just tucked herself right in bed with the kiddo. We also set up a 3rd advent calendar (we also have a magnet board and the traditional one with chocolates behind the little doors) this year based on one we saw on Teach Mama. Ours has a little treat in each Kcup.. candy, barrettes, erasers, stickers.. a variety of little goodies. I just used a bit of white glue to attach the tissue, which seemed way easier than hot glue. It turned out pretty cute, so hopefully it functions well too.
advent craft

In this lunch...