Thursday, November 6, 2014

A WyldStyle Halloween - Throwback Thursday

Yup, totally forgot to post this.. no excuses. Instead, I'm buying into this 'Throwback Thursday' thing, and although I'm only throwing back to last week, I say it still counts.

WyldStyle Costume
So, as previously mentioned, the kiddo's costume of choice this year is WyldStyle from The Lego Movie. I would say that the idea, and even execution, for this costume is a relatively simple one, but it does require 4 major components.
1. A black pant and jacket ensemble.
2. Fabric paint.
3. A child that likes her hair to be messed with. And..let me clarify...
4. A child that tolerates her hair to be messed with.

I have numbers 1 and 2, but I do not have the child described in numbers 3 and 5. Not in the slightest. Hey, I was that kid too. I remember screaming at my mom when she so much as looked at a comb. My daughter? Pretty much the same way. You'd think I'd sympathize, and believe me I do, but not with the kid.. with my mom! Good grief! You'd think that brushing hair was the worst form of torture. And, when you have to make odd parts and clip in extensions, and use bobby pins (the shame, the horror), it actually could be classified that way... for both of us.

However, if you can get through the hair bit, the costume is a lot of fun, and while I saw the imperfections, the kiddo loved it, so I'm happy. To make the costume, I just free-handed the design the best I could on the front, sleeve, and hood of the jacket, as well as on the pant leg. I also ripped out the grey liner in the hoodie and sewed in a pink one instead. That was about all there was to it, though I'll tell you that adding a layer of white paint under the color made things go much smoother.. lesson learned a bit too late for me, but definitely worth sharing! Then it was the easy, peasy task of just clipping in some color hair pieces (pfft.. see above), putting in a crazy pony, and adding some freckles and eyelashes, which are optional, of course. And there you have WyldStyle!

In my haste, I also managed to forget to post half of the Halloween lunches I had made, so you may get a couple of those thrown back at you down the road, including this one.
Easylunchboxes Halloween Bento
Trader Joe's freeze dried bananas, candy corn, jello w/ whipped cream, 'cauldron' quesadilla with tomatoes and black olives.
Kindergarten Snack Box
PM Snack - Croissant with Trader Joe's cookie butter

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