Friday, October 10, 2014

Pizza Sticks

On Fridays, I always send popcorn as the afternoon snack. But, I realized the last 2 Fridays were all about pizza too. Last Friday, it was a skewer style pizza stick lunch that was inspired by pizza. Then, today, there was actually leftover pizza sticks. My kiddo's school has a Papa John's pizza event once a month, where a percent of sales comes back to the school. That night was last night. So, not only did I not have to cook dinner last night, but lunch was literally 'in the box' too. Bonus!

Pizza Sticks Easylunchboxes Bento
Pizza skewers with whole grain bread, turkey pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, orange and red bell pepper, and black olives, pizza sauce, mini grapes, and Snickers bite.

Kindergarten snack box
Popcorn and Clif Kidz Fruit & Veggie stick.

Then, the leftovers lunch from this Friday. Popcorn, as mentioned above, was the afternoon snack this day too.
Lunchbots bento
 Pizza sticks, turkey pepperoni, grapes, and candy corn.

In these lunches...

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