Monday, September 22, 2014

Playing Hooky

We're going on a little road trip today. It really wasn't planned hooky from school, but when your options are limited, you have to do what you can. It so happens that I have to be down in Ann Arbor today in the middle of the day, and with no real alternative, the kiddo is joining me on my little adventure. It would be a lie, though, if I said I was disappointed. We'll make a day of it and hit our favorite toy store, as well as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's! So, rather than Kindergarten lunch #15, a road trip snacker it was instead. And, we're off!

road trip bento
Trader Joe's mini 12 grain crackers, yellow bell pepper, raspberries, leftover baked chicken, and frozen yogurt cars.
frozen yogurt shapes
I still swear by these silicone ice trays for making frozen yogurt shapes. The kiddo loves them and there is always a bag full of random shapes in the freezer. Greek yogurt works the best, and I only use Chobani or Brown Cow, so I can't say how other brands will hold up, but I imagine any would be fine. You can do this with applesauce too!

In this lunch...

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