Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kindergarten Week 2

 This going to bed early and getting up early business is for the birds. No, seriously. Let the birds do it. I'm a human being that needs to know what city and state has an afternoon elementary school. I am SO moving there. Two days into the second week of school and mama feels like a zombie, baby has barely had a single proper nap, hubby is on my not-so-helpful shit poop list, and my precious little Kindergartner? Let's just say that she isn't herself lately. She is tired with a capital 'T' and it translates into some not so nice behavior when she gets home. We'll just leave it at that. So, again.. school that starts at noon? I am SO there! Sign me up!
Really... where do I sign up?!

Kindergarten bento lunch
Mini Croissant with Muenster cheese and mustard, smoked turkey, grapes, peas, and orange bell peppers.
Bento snack
PM Snack - Mozzarella stick, butter pretzels, and Goldfish crackers.

In this lunch... 

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