Tuesday, August 26, 2014

7 Days Until Kindergarten

Seven days.
Just one week.
That's all that's left before my baby, my big girl, my love .. goes off to school. Real school. All day long .. without mama. Rather, I should say all day long, I'll be without her. It's so strange.. and sad.. and exciting. I look at her now and think how much she has changed just in the last couple months. No longer that little girl. No longer my only girl. A big sister. A big girl. An amazing girl.

Ready.. even though mama is not.

What I am ready for .. or readying for is lunch, though. And, before I get too emotional, here's lunch for the kiddo and mom... eating together.. for seven more days...
Sassy croissant bento
Mini croissant with sandwich fixings - turkey, lettuce, Swiss cheese and mustard, and orange bell peppers.

Easylunchboxes croissant
Mini croissant sandwich with lettuce, turkey, Swiss cheese, and mustard, orange bell peppers, and a cranberry couscous salad.

In these lunches...

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  1. Lovely lunches... and I can't believe she'll start Kindergarten soon! <3 to you mama! :D

  2. lol.. my <3 (heart) looks weird with this fun font.

  3. Such an exciting time in life! I will be looking to you next year when it's my turn to send a little one off to school 5 days. Love the matching lunches!

    1. Thanks Jackie. I wish Kindergarten was still half days like when I was a kid, though.

  4. I know how you feel. Our oldest is a senior this year and the middle girl is starting Middle School. I feel joy but also pain that my babies are so grown so fast. Just seems like yesterday the oldest was going to kindergarten. Your lunches are lovely and will remind her how much you love and miss her when you are not together.

  5. Awesome lunches! Such a special time in your lives.

  6. I'm right there with you, mama! My big boy is off to K and I'm all full of feelings too. All my best to all of you!