Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oodles of Noodles

The kiddo and I were home today, and feeling a bit under the weather. I don't know what it is about salty broth and noodles, but dangit, we had Ramen for lunch today. We split the package, and I don't put all the seasoning in, but it is what it is. Some days, that's just going to have to be okay. Right?

Halloween Bento Lunch
Noodles with olives and Muenster (aka Monster) cheese, cucumber, carrot, and vanilla Greek frozen yogurt bats.

Halloween Bento Lunch
Mama's lunch - noodles, chicken sausage, cucumber, and orange Jello with cream.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Projects

I have had some projects for Halloween this year.. several, in fact. All but one is complete, which is, of course, the costume .. you know, the important thing that I've left to the last minute. My kiddo decided that what she wanted to be for Halloween was a red T-rex. Red? Really? Look at this cool green one at Old Navy.. no? Damn. It's turning out cute and the kiddo is thrilled, but it needs some final touches, so I won't be sharing that one just yet. But, I wanted to share the others with you. Yeah, I think they turned out pretty cool, so why not?!

Halloween Project
This first project was just some cheap wood frames that I painted and distressed a bit. The inside is a bit of scrapbook paper, and the letters of course. I was going to mount them on a solid board, but this way, they are easier to store and I can move them around a bit. My girlfriend and I each made one of these. Hers was purple and green and had the word 'treat'. I think they turned out great!

Halloween Plate
This one I made over at a local pottery place, Painterly Pottery. This is my second trip over there, having gone once with my mom for Mother's Day. This time, my hubby came along and painted too. I love that place!

This project was super simple too. I found a piece of scrapbook paper that had these different labels all over. I just cut them out and mod podged them to some cheap, yet food safe, glass jars from Hobby Lobby. Then, I could use them as treat jars, too. The colored bottles are not food safe, but were just too neat to pass up, so I did a couple of those too.

Here's the last one. I found this little owl at Hobby Lobby. He was kind of tanish in color, but we painted him black, added a bit of black glitter, and called it good. I think he is super cute, but just on the edge of creepy, so he fits right in with our Halloween decorations.
owl figurine

That's everything. I have plans for Thanksgiving this year too, but I think I'll limit myself to 1 or 2 things. Stay tuned for that costume, which I will share, of course. It will be done in time.. I swear!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Black Cats Bento

Another Halloween-y sort of lunch was on the agenda today. Black cats for lunch anyone? Okay, not actual black cats for lunch, of course, but you know what I mean. This one was a build your own sandwich in theory, but the kiddo likes to just eat the croissant plain and the fixin's on the side, which is fine too!

Halloween Bento Lunch
Smoked ham, orange jello, grapes, cucumber, mini croissant, and Muenster (aka Monster) cheese.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Batty for Bento

Just a simple, fun batty sort of bento lunch and snack today. That's the advantage of cookie cutters.. super fast and super cute. Done!

Halloween Bento Lunch
Red and orange bell pepper rings, grapes with Greek yogurt dipping sauce, and a bat shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

For a snack later, I also made some frozen yogurt bats. This kind was maple Greek yogurt (one of my favorites), and I managed to sprinkle one of them with black sprinkles. That's it. Just one. No way was I picking any more black sprinkles out of that bottle.. no way! But, if you have a single color sprinkle or sanding sugar, you can sprinkle some in the bottom of the mold. Of course, when the yogurt freezes and you pop it out, that bit of color sticks to the yogurt for a little extra fun!
Halloween Yogurt

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Not So Frightful Blog Hop

Though I've been a bit absent inconsistent in posting lately, I assure you I've been busy. Fall is my favorite season, and I absolutely love Halloween. So, when the Bento Bloggers and Friends had a three day Halloween Hop, I knew it was exactly what I needed to kick my butt in gear.
While our decorations and crafts have been out since before October, the holiday lunch packing gear has been hiding away in the basement pantry. When I finally pulled it all out, it was so hard to decide witch (yes, pun intended) way to go first. I decided on the traditional carved pumpkin for both the kiddo and the hubby, which is not so frightful really, but be sure to stop by often between now and Halloween for lots more holiday fun. In the meantime, here's lunch! And, don't forget to follow the hop by clicking on the Frightful Fall Blog Hop button at the bottom of the post for lots more fantastic ideas!

Halloween Pumpkins Lunch
Tricolor couscous, cucumber, orange bell pepper, sharp cheddar cheese, watermelon, frozen homemade cinnamon applesauce pumpkins, and frozen yogurt ghosts.
frozen Halloween shapes

Obviously, the lunch above was for the kiddo. The one below was for the hubby! Mom? Scraps as usual, but they sure were yummy!

GoGreen Halloween Pumpkin Lunch
Triple decker Swiss, Havarti, and sharp cheddar cheese 'pumpkin' sandwich, cherry tomato skewers, mixed chop salad with orange bell peppers (and Ranch in container), vanilla Greek yogurt with frozen yogurt and applesauce shapes, carved mandarin orange, and Halloween tortilla chips.
Carved Pumpkin Orange

Now hop on over to Beneficial Bento, the next blog in the hop by clicking on the button below. Happy Hopping Halloween!
Blog Hop

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