Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Spam-a-Lot (or a Little)

I'm of the 'let the kid try anything new' sort of mentality. After all, it leads to all sorts of wonderful food choices, right? In most cases, yes. In this case, not so much, but no real harm I suppose. I was wrong about that, too. The kiddo in grabbing pouches of tuna at the grocery store picked up a single serve pack of turkey Spam. Really? I suppose if you want to try it, I'm okay with that. Boy, was I wrong. First off, in Spam's defense, my kid ate it... all of it.. without hesitation. Me? I gagged my way through opening the package, cutting the pieces, and cooking them too. Then, I aired the house out because it spelled of fried cheap dog food for hours. Never. Ever. Again.

Easylunchboxes Fall Bento
Carrots, pears, multigrain crackers with Colby-Jack cheese, and turkey Spam with mustard for dipping.

In this lunch...

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