Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Little Red T-Rex

Halloween has come and gone, but I'm going to pretend that everyone still wants more. In other words, I forgot something. In this case, it was to post a holiday lunch I did for hubby, and it seemed like a great excuse to post a couple pictures of the kiddo's costume. If you recall, I was told to make a red T-rex costume. Really? Turns out, yes, really! It was nothing extravagant in the end, but the kiddo loved it, and we'll be hanging on to the tail for lots of playtime fun year round for sure!

GoGreen Halloween
Banana, Trader Joe's Triple Ginger cookies, mandarin orange, strawberry and vanilla Greek yogurt, baby bell pepper rings, Momables bbq chicken on croissants, and provolone cheese.

Halloween Costume
And the costume, which I somehow didn't get a decent picture of? Really, I'd say the hardest part was finding a pair of solid red fleece pants and hooded jacket. For the pants, I sewed on some glittery felt claws, which is the same thing I did for the jacket cuff. Then, I sewed doubled up triangles of black, red glitter, and grey felt along the center of the hood and back. I used the same 'spikes' on the tail, which was a tapered tube of red fleece, stuffed with polyfill. I made an elastic waist band and attached it to the tail so that it could be worn on its own for playtime. I saw several ideas online, but ended up just winging it without a pattern and this time, it worked out!

In this lunch...

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  1. Adorable lunch and trick or treater!

  2. Ok i found your site through pinterest and not gonna lie im addicted!!! Im a pregnant first time mom and i was so dreading the horrible processed lunchables and stuff!!! So happy i found this!!