Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall Leaf Lunch Duo

So, the Winter Equinox isn't until December 21st, so no matter what the weather has to say about it, it's still fall in my book, so I'm holding out for now. Fall leaves for lunch today for the kiddo and the hubby! Also, an announcement of sorts. Since you may notice that I post lunches for the kiddo and mom or dad on some days, I've decided to start a weekly linkup that will be just that. Duos (or more) of lunches packed for different members of the family with similar ingredients. I'm not sure yet whether this will come in December or as a New Year thing, but stay tuned! I hope you can either come back and link up and/or find great ideas for your own family!

Fall Bento Lunch
Smoked turkey and Swiss sandwich, cucumbers, watermelon.

Fall Bento Lunch
Smoked turkey and Provolone sandwich, kale, Babybel, bell peppers and tomatoes, oranges and pineapple.

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