Thursday, October 3, 2013

Simple Dolphin Lunch

Most times, the simple lunches are the most well received (and literally take just a few minutes to throw together). This one was no exception, and perfect since I found an old episode of Flipper the other night. I grew up watching Nick at Night, and am still in search of Mr. Ed and Dennis the Menace. They are still such a hoot to watch. Anyways, look, lunch!

Dolphin Bento Lunch
Grapes, Goldfish crackers, shredded carrots, and turkey, cheese, and mustard sandwiches.

Hubby's lunch was no exception in the simple, fast department, although not nearly so cute! But, a pepper from the garden did made an appearance in the box today. We are finally picking peppers at a little better rate. Tomatoes are dwindling, but peppers are brightening every day. Yum!
Dad's Bento Lunch
Sesame sticks, Greek quinoa salad, orange bell pepper, and a smoked turkey and colby jack cheese sandwich on ciabatta bread.

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  1. Your dolphin may be simple, but it's adorable! The lunch looks delicious, too!