Friday, October 25, 2013

Batty for Bento

Just a simple, fun batty sort of bento lunch and snack today. That's the advantage of cookie cutters.. super fast and super cute. Done!

Halloween Bento Lunch
Red and orange bell pepper rings, grapes with Greek yogurt dipping sauce, and a bat shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

For a snack later, I also made some frozen yogurt bats. This kind was maple Greek yogurt (one of my favorites), and I managed to sprinkle one of them with black sprinkles. That's it. Just one. No way was I picking any more black sprinkles out of that bottle.. no way! But, if you have a single color sprinkle or sanding sugar, you can sprinkle some in the bottom of the mold. Of course, when the yogurt freezes and you pop it out, that bit of color sticks to the yogurt for a little extra fun!
Halloween Yogurt

In this lunch...

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