Friday, August 23, 2013

Stingray Bay Bento

Well, we have come to then end of our week of animals from our trip to the Columbus Zoo. Of all the exhibits, attractions, and more that they had to offer, Stingray Bay was one of my daughter's favorites. The ability to literally touch and feed the rays, not just observe (which was fascinating itself) stood out as a favorite for all of us. It was a great opportunity, and was the only request for lunch since we got home. So, today's animal is the STINGRAY! The Columbus Zoo has Cownose Stingrays, specifically.

stingray bento easylunchboxes
Red peppers and capers, blueberry and maple frozen yogurt fish, seasoned rice, and provolone cheese stingrays.

stingray bay
Here's some fun facts that we picked up about the stingray!
*Stingrays give birth to 1 live pup.
*The Cownose Ray does have a spine (sting), but they are very docile by nature, and the venom is only equivalent to a bee sting.
*The Ray sucks in clams and oysters and crushes them with plate-like teeth before eating the fleshy bits.
*Cownose rays migrate long distances and can be in groups of nearly 10,000 individuals.
*Cownose are strong swimmers, and are not the type found resting or buried in the sand.

zoo bento
 If you enjoyed this lunch, be sure and visit the whole week of animals inspired by our Columbus Zoo trip. We had a great time and hope to head back again soon! And be sure visit us Monday for that fabulous giveaway I mentioned, too!
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In this lunch...

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  1. Fabulous lunch! Love all the details.

  2. My daughter just told me I have to make one just like this as she loves t and so do I

  3. SQUEE those stringrays are so so cute!! We haven't been since they added sting ray bay, I am dying to check it out!

  4. Your stingrays are adorable! Great job on the cheese art!

  5. Holy cow those stingrays are so cool!

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