Thursday, August 1, 2013

Snacker Stacker

I can't believe that it's August! How does the summer seem to fly by so quickly every year, yet an eternity seems to pass before the next one. We are just now getting around to planning a small family getaway. Where does the time go? Speaking of time, here is a super fast and easy snack box. I love these little stackers... so fun!
stacking bento
Goldfish, Swiss and Colby cheese, cherry tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, and watermelon.
stacking bento


  1. How's how cool is that box?!? Food looks delicious too!

  2. Where did you buy this lunch box? I can't find it anywhere online. Please post answer.

    1. Alicepunk, I wasn't able to find it online either. A friend picked it up for me at a Daiso store. However, you can order the 2 tier version of it online, in 1 of 4 colors. Here's a link -