Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Leftovers for Lunch

So, we're home from out adventure, and what a wonderful time we had. This was our first proper family vacation ever, so I think we did pretty good. Columbus was good to us, but we needed a couple more days to do the things we wanted to do. We missed the art museum and botanical gardens, and never did make it to get ice cream at Jeni's or meet up with a couple bloggers in the area, but we did do everything else we hoped to do and had a great time. Next time! However, I'm far from organizing a single photo to post just yet. I'm still too bogged down with what feels like 50 loads of laundry and putting things away, not to mention the regular routine of work in and out of the house. Ah, to be home...

Since I can't seem to get anything new together to post today, here's some leftovers from last week.. literally, leftover lunch! One of the favorites for leftovers is spaghetti. We always make way more than we need for dinner, then the next day, the noodles can be eaten with butter and grated cheese, or with some pesto, garlic and peas, or serve the traditional way with spaghetti sauce, of course. I the oddball, and actually like my leftover noodles cold, so there's always that option too.

spaghetti leftover lunch
Strawberries and blueberries, cucumber, and leftover spaghetti with lots of Parmesan cheese.

In this lunch...

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