Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Lion's Share of Lunches

Welcome to day two of an all animal week thanks to our recent trip to Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. I don't know what I was thinking, though. The pressure of specific posts and deadlines? Well, let's just say we don't get along. But, we made out okay today, and the animal of the day is the LION!

Watermelon, green and orange bell peppers (from our garden finally), ranch in container, sesame sticks, Trader Joe's chewable vitamin, and a lion peanut butter sandwich with sharp cheddar.
lion bento
Here's some fun facts that we picked up about the African Lion!
*The African Lion has the biggest brain of all the 'big' cats.
*Lions are the only big cats that live in social groups or prides.
*Lions often sleep 20 hours or more a day (what I wouldn't give to be a lion some days)
*The roar of a lion can be heard from 5 miles away!

lion bento lunches
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In this lunch...

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  1. Love your lion lunch! And thanks for featuring my lion too :)

    1. Thanks, and how could I not include yours? He is so cute!

  2. Love your lion it is so super cute! Thanks for linking up to Meatless Monday!

    1. Thanks! Glad to see Meatless Mondays back! :)