Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Impossible Girl & The Impossible Pie

So, it's no souffle, but it is the Impossible Pie. Somehow, this super simple watery batter becomes a light, yet coconutty, custardy pie, even making it's own crust in the baking process. All that, and the recipe fits on a sticky note. Beat that, souffle!

impossible pie sticky
Impossible Coconut Pie
Impossible Pie
Ingredients - 1 stick melted butter, 1 3/4 c sugar, 4 eggs, 1/2 c flour, 2 c sweetened shredded coconut, 2 c milk (Just a note that it is SUPER simple to split this recipe in half to make 1 pie, but why would you want to do that?)
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and butter 2 pie plates. We used 9" ones.
Mix together the butter, sugar and eggs. Add in the remaining ingredients and stir to combine. Divide the batter between the 2 pie plates.
Bake in the lower 1/3 of your oven for about an hour, or until golden and just firm to the touch. Let cool before serving. You can make this pie ahead and refrigerate overnight, but I think it's best at room temp, so a bit before serving, let it sit out of the fridge to take the chill off. Slice and enjoy!
You can serve it as is, which is delicious, or serve with a bit of whip cream or fruit. Up to you.
Impossible Pie
And, without further ado, my first Doctor Who lunch inspired by the Impossible Girl herself, Clara Oswin Oswald, featuring "the most important leaf in human history" or at least a cheese rendition of it. If you are not a Whovian, then you should be. That's all there is to say about that.

DoctorWho Impossible Girl bento
Trader Joe's Cheddar Rockets (it's no TARDIS, but it will do in a pinch), chocolate mushroom biscuits, "exotic fruits of some description" aka plums, blueberries, and red tamarillo, tomato pasta with edamame and parmesan cheese, topped with provolone cheese letters and "the most important leaf in human history".

*WARNING - Potential Spoilers*

In this lunch...

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