Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

I think I may actually.. sort of.. be ready for today. I managed to whip together a poke cake last night. I have to say I love them for how easy, moist, delicious and versatile they are. Thank goodness for that. We also made some of our homemade gummies again, this time using a silicone ice mold rather than a chocolate mold. They turned out great! Whatever treats and fun you have planned today, have fun and enjoy. Look out 4th of July, we have bang snaps and sparklers!
4thofJuly Bento
Blue jello with homemade star gummy, blueberries, carrots, cucumber, watermelon, roasted almonds, a piece of white chocolate bark, provolone cheese strings, and star shaped rye and poppyseed bread.
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