Monday, July 29, 2013

A Day at the Beach

You'd think with all the lakes in Michigan, I'd make it to a beach more often, but then I remember that it's Michigan. For all I love about it, you can never really count on the weather. This past week, for instance, it has been quite cool. Come on, now, Mother Nature. We don't get that long of a summer, so could you please crank the heat up a bit? It is still July, after all! It does look like this week has some warmer weather in store, so I'll take it. Having said all that, I did finally get up to the beach at a friend's cabin recently. We had a lovely afternoon, and packed more than just sunblock for the trip!

beach bento easylunchboxes
Lunch for mom & dad - Whole Foods sesame tofu and spring rolls (mine with the peanut sauce and hubby's with soy sauce), Trader Joe's kettle cooked potato chips and carrots for me and Naturebox cranberry almond bites with celery sticks for the hubby.

beach bento lunch
For the kiddo - Naturebox cranberry almond bites, Goldfish crackers and cashews, cheddar/mozzarella cheese stick (a Clif Kids fruit rope is tucked underneath), red bell peppers, turkey pepperoni, and a side of watermelons chunks.

zoe's lunchbox beach
I only wish the summer days were longer. Don't we all?

In these lunches...

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  1. Love the lunches, and the beach pic!