Monday, June 24, 2013

Zoo Day ... Hooray!

 saginaw zoo
We are very fortunate to have a zoo quite literally 5 minutes from our house. So, thanks to that and an annual membership,  'Zoo Day' can be Everyday if we really wanted. And, it so happens that on warm days when we get a little stir crazy, it is often where we end up. When I was growing up, I went there quite a bit with my grandparents. Those visits and this zoo occupy some of the fondest memories of my childhood. In fact, this zoo has created some of my fondest adult memories too. I worked at the zoo for quite some time, first as a zookeeper, then in their education department, as a conservation coordinator. The experience was a rich and rewarding one. And, now, I get to take my own daughter there to create memories for her.

zoo snack bento
Cucumber, grapes, dry roasted peanuts in the container, and cheddar/mozzarella cheese stick. Turkey, lettuce, and mustard 1/2 sandwich not pictured, but also included for this lunch.
We almost always eat lunch down by the train at the concessions area called Train Whistle Cafe. I usually grab a bag of fresh popped popcorn while we're there, too. Yum!

In this lunch...

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