Friday, June 28, 2013

Feeling a Little Like Leftovers

I love pasta. There. I've said it. I am certain I eat too much of it too often, but it is so good. I like it hot, cold, and probably every which way in between if the ingredients are right. So, when I see a new pasta salad, especially one that will produce loads of leftovers so this mama doesn't need to cook for a couple days, I'm game. Better yet? The recipe comes from a fellow blogger, Erin of Feeling A Little Lunchy, so I knew I wouldn't be let down. And, I was right! Her recipe for Creamy Ranch Pasta Salad was a huge hit. We used turkey pepperoni and slathered on the ranch. Yum-my. But, wait... there's more!? The recipe was so simple, it fit on a Post-It note! Post-It note recipes, you say? Can it be true? I'd say so since another fellow blogger, Karen of I Wish I Had An Adipose, has shared some great ones and opened up the sharing to others, as well. Crisis Cupcakes are next one the list!

leftovers easylunchboxes
Leftover ranch pasta salad, turkey pepperoni, Trader Joe's Cheddar Rockets, vanilla Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries on the bottom and a bit of strawberry jam on top.

In this lunch...

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