Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big Boy Lunch

Yeah, I pack for my 'big boy' too. That is, the hubby. He has been in his new job for a little over a month now, and I'm so happy that he is finally in a place he enjoys. And, speaking of enjoying things, while I've yet to find a proper CSA around here, I did find a local farm that tries to offer some of the same opportunities. They participate at our Farmer's Market, and let 'members' know ahead of time what produce is available each week. While it's hardly providing me a basket share, I am still able to select things I haven't tried before and able to 'order' what I might need. The kale and carrots in this lunch are from this week, and are so delicious. Next week's order has 2 varieties of beans and some more of that yummy kale for sure! Oh, and the Santa Claus melon? Eh. Kind of a bust. The taste is similar to honeydew, but not as sweet and a bit mealy in texture. Then again, it may have been overripe. Either way, an interesting white fleshed melon, but not for us. I keep eyeballing all the other odd melons at the grocer now. We'll see...

Turkey, kale, and swiss bagelwich with condiments on the side, Santa Claus melon, carrots, broccoli, vanilla Greek yogurt with strawberry jam (and sprinkles.. who doesn't love sprinkles?), Trader Joe's Carmelized Onion Dip, chocolate square, and Naturebox Masa Chips.

In this lunch...

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