Friday, April 26, 2013

Here Kitty Kitty

Sadly, this lunch today contains the lone kitty in the house. It seems both an eternity ago and only yesterday, that our family lost our kitty, Kody, at 18 years old. I'm feeling that 'empty nest' today, but we are in the process of trying to sell our house, and have decided to wait until we are in a new home to make any additions.. hopefully...

cutezcute kitty easylunchboxes bento
Vanilla Greek yogurt, watermelon, Trader Joe's roasted seaweed, cheddar/mozzarella chunks, and a Cutezcute PB & J.

grey cat

In today's lunch...

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

We try to be mindful of our Earth every day, but especially on Earth Day, it's wonderful to do something a little more to celebrate. The sun is shining today, so that helps. We got the yard cleaned up and ready to go for spring. Food is in the bird feeders and the ground is ready for this year's vegetables and herbs. The kiddo planted her flower seeds, and we enjoyed a colorful, simple snack while we worked. I'm on a mission this year to not just recycle, but to also find new and creative uses for some of the items we discard. I'd love to do more composting, too. Come on warm weather.. I'm ready, let's go!

rainbow plate
The Laughing Cow Swiss cheese, mini marshmallows, strawberry, orange bell pepper, celery, Ritz crackers, Trader Joe's dried blueberries.

For more ideas, check out last year's recycle lunch, Earth Day lunch, and 'reduce your footprint' lunch.
Earth Day lunch

In today's lunch...

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Mish Mash

Boy, won't hubby be surprised to open his lunch today? That's about the most eclectic mix of goodies I could manage to stuff in our Go Green Lunchbox. Hey, it's Friday and I was trying to finish up some random things in the fridge and pantry. Maybe he won't even notice, right?

GoGreen bento
Triscuits, Wholly Guacamole snack pack, Trader Joe's Vegetable Root chips, pineapple, broccoli w/ Ranch in a Mini-Dipper, Babybel cheese, cocoa roast almonds, yogurt raisins, mini Milky Way bar, olive mix, and fresh mozzarella balls (both also in Mini-Dippers).

In today's lunch... 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

With All My Heart

Some days I feel grateful for the family I have been raised and grew up in. Today, I am grateful for the one I am now raising and continue to find growth in. Thanks for being my biggest supporters and the loves of my life. Mwah!

Heart Easylunchboxes Bento
Orange bell peppers, Laughing Cow garlic & herb spread, watermelon, grapes, Trader Joe's Vegetable Root Chips, and classic PB&J on potato bread w/ a Swiss cheese accent.

In today's lunch...

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Quick & Simple Lunch

Here I thought I was getting back in the groove for posting, but I still can't seem to find my stride. I'll blame it on the weather. It's the middle of April, and all I've seen is cold rainy days, cloudy skies, and even snow this weekend. I am ready for some spring sunshine and to see some green on the trees and buds on the flowers. I feel like I need a vacation already! For now, on to lunch...

bento lunch
Celery, cherry tomato, Swiss cheese, salami, Pirate's Booty cheddar puffs, Chessman cookie, and Trader Joe's clementine.

In today's lunch... 

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Recipe Review - The Best Tuna Pasta Salad

I know it's not nearly summertime, and this is typically hot weather fare, but I love this pasta salad year round. I have made this particular pasta salad for many years, and will defend it as the best version of a cold tuna pasta salad to anyone. Actually, everyone I've shared it with has asked for the recipe and never went back to their old standbys, so I guess it defends itself with flavor. I'll warn you nonbelievers that it has both Miracle Whip and Mayonnaise in it, so for those of you out there that insist on only one or the other, make an exception this time. I promise that the combination of the two is part of what makes this salad so fantastic. I hope you enjoy!

best tuna pasta salad
The Best Tuna Pasta Salad
Ingredients - 12oz mini pasta shells, cooked & drained, 12oz chunk albacore tuna, drained (feel free to use chunk light if that's your thing), 1c chopped celery, 1c chopped green pepper, 1c mayonnaise, 1c Miracle Whip, 8oz Kraft cheese crumbles, salt and lots of pepper to taste

tuna pasta saladInstructions - Cook your pasta al dente while prepping the rest of the ingredients. I tend to dice my veggies pretty finely, but chop them how you like. If you don't like bell pepper, you can use 1c thawed green peas, but you will miss that extra crunch of the pepper in the salad. Using real mayo and real Miracle Whip is important to this recipe, and so are the cheese crumbles. We like to use the 3-cheese variety, but you can get just cheddar crumbles too. Mix all your ingredients together in one big bowl, add salt and pepper to taste, then add a bunch more pepper. Yum! Chill at least 2 hours before serving, but overnight is best. Because the pasta salad seems to tighten up while it sits, you may want to add a little more mayo or Miracle Whip tossed in before serving. The picture below is just mixed, while that at the top is after it has sat overnight, and is ready to serve. This is great as is, but fantastic with a side of your favorite potato chips. Eat and enjoy!
tuna pasta salad
Another couple tips? Most pasta shell boxes are 16oz. Often, I will just cook the whole 16oz, but you will need to up the mayo/Miracle Whip by about 1/2c total if you do this. Want more veggies, too? Go for it! Most times, my 1c is heaping anyways. As long as you follow the basics here, you can't go wrong. And, don't forget the black pepper!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting Back in the Packing Groove

After being off the radar for almost a week with one crazy thing after another, I'm glad to have a bit of my routine back in place. It's good when a simple lunch can help that process out. Oh, and that cute napkin with lunch today? It is from Red Poppy Crafts, who makes all sorts of fantastic things. We have lots of these napkins and love them!

Cucumber, carrots, watermelon, grilled cheese, pistachios, dill pickle, and a Hershey's kiss.

In today's lunch...

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