Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Other than a shamrock shaped pancake or sandwich, we don't really celebrate or do anything for St. Patrick's Day. But, that's good enough for me. We also found some fun themed projects at 3 Dinosaurs and did green pepper shamrocks again. Whatever you're up to, don't drink too much green beer, but have fun this weekend! For me, it's about rapidly shifting gears from birthdays and the color green to Easter, which seems to be right around the corner. How did that happen? Decorations are down and ideas are forming. I am so looking forward to Spring!

patrick's day easylunchboxes bento
Brown Cow Greek Cream Top honey yogurt with sprinkles, cucumber coins with a gold chocolate coin hidden behind, kiwi, grilled Swiss, homemade gummy, and Graze's apple cinnamon flapjack.

gogreen patrick's day lunch
For hubby's lunch - Whole Food's spinach empanada, green grapes and kiwi, green bell pepper, cucumber, Wholly Guacamole packet, Whole Food's sesame tofu and roasted Brussels sprouts, Angry Birds graham crackers with a hidden gold chocolate coin, cheddar mozzarella stick, and Trader Joe's dried coconut strips with a homemade gummy in the container.

And here are some of the projects we did from 3 Dinosaurs. In the first group, we used paints, Do-A-Dots (love those things), and crayons to complete them. The second group was taping, pasting, matching, tracing, and then we used the sheets intended for writing sentences to just write the words. First, we used stamps in upper and lower case letters, then kiddo wrote the words herself!
patrick's day worksheets
patrick's day worksheets
St Patricks Day Theme Food - Fun Bento Lunch
In these lunches...


  1. So cute! Love the lunches, and that cheese stick is so cool looking! We kept it quiet, not even a green beer. ;)

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