Wednesday, March 13, 2013


While I'm more in the mode of prepping for my hubby's 40th birthday tomorrow, I realized I hadn't done any sort of St. Patrick's Day themed lunch yet, so today's the day. I made homemade gummies again, this time using lime Jello. I would still like to try these with real fruit juice, and also try a version that is vegetarian, but for now, these are quick, easy, and cute.

patricks day easylunchboxes
Vanilla Greek yogurt w/ green sprinkles and a homemade lime gummy, grape tomatoes, green and yellow bell pepper shamrocks, multi-grain bread, provolone cheese, mixed nuts, and under the pot of gold is a pot of golden raisins with a gold chocolate coin tucked behind.

The little green cup that holds the raisins in this lunch has an embossed shamrock in it. I found that these little cups made the perfect mold for the excess gummy mixture I had made up. I think they turned out pretty neat, don't you?
shamrock lime gummy

St Patricks Day Theme Food - Fun Bento Lunch
In this lunch...