Thursday, March 7, 2013

Leftovers for Lunch

Leftovers for lunch seem to be an obvious answer, but sometimes obvious and I don't get along. Thanks to a Becoming A Bentoholic, I'm reminded each week that leftovers are the perfect solution when I can't figure out what to make or pack. I made a big batch of cheese enchiladas last night, and while kiddo and I shared some at home, hubby got to take his to work with him. And, I have a secret in my enchiladas. It's a secret that my Hispanic neighbor shared with me years ago, and now I can't live without when I make them. They taught me to use a bit of small curd cottage cheese spread in the tortilla, along with the traditional shredded, of course. It is creamy and delicious. Give it a try next time. It will be your little secret now!

Enchiladas in our #Easylunchboxes
Vanilla Greek yogurt w/ chopped orange infused dark and white chocolate, cheese enchiladas, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream.

In this lunch...