Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's a Wrap

Today's lunches were a combination effort for kiddo and hubby. I like when I can make lunches for both of them at the same time, usually with the same ingredients. I found a Rachel Ray post a while back about mixing Laughing Cow wedges with shredded cucumber and using that spread in a wrap. I took that idea and went with it. For the kiddo, I used Swiss wedges, and for hubby, I used French Onion. Yum!

Lunchbots wrap bento
Watermelon, grapes, carrots, crunchy peanut butter/Greek yogurt mixture, pistachios, wraps with Laughing Cow Swiss wedges, cucumber, turkey, and carrots, and 1/2 piece chocolate left from Valentine's Day.

GoGreen Chobani wrap bento
Wraps with Laughing Cow French Onion wedges, cucumber, turkey, pepper jack scraps, and dijon mustard on the side, watermelon, carrots, cucumber, veggie dip in container, Chobani Bite caramel pineapple Greek yogurt, grapes, pomegranate cashews, and a chocolate.

This is a good opportunity to mention what happens to some of the scraps we inevitably create when making fun shapes in our lunches. Much of the time, the scraps are mama's lunch, but sometimes, the scrap piles build up and then I throw them in salads or wraps, just as I did for hubby's today. In this case, it was the pepper jack scraps.

In these lunches...