Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring

Today is the first day of Spring, or so says the almanac. For me, not so much. The snowfall from yesterday has stopped for the moment, but it's a whopping 20 degrees and more snow and sleet are expected this evening. Still, I put together some Spring inspired lunches to hopefully help us get a jump on the season even if Mother Nature hasn't gotten the memo yet.

Spring bento
Baby yellow and red bell peppers (one stuffed with cream cheese, and the other stuffed with black olives), green pepper, carrots, mini flower sandwiches (two are cheddar, apple, and peanut butter, and the other two are salami, Trader Joe's white bean hummus, and Swiss cheese). In the top white section, there are blackberries, cocoa roasted almonds, and yogurt raisins.
spring bento

I had fun making the little stuffed baby bell peppers. For the most part, I just used a regular knife, but I also had a chance to use this fun little tool. I think they turned out pretty good, and certainly colorful flowers are one of the things I most associate with spring!
spring bento flower

I sent the hubby with a Spring lunch, too. What did I eat? Scraps! Really, I don't mind. I find myself actually eating lunch if I have to make one for someone else. Otherwise, I rarely eat during the day and then am ravenous by dinnertime. So, Cheese, veggies, bread, fruit, nuts...I'd say that is a pretty good lunch any way you look at it.
Spring bento easylunchboxes
Trader Joe's dried coconut strips, cocoa roasted almonds, multi-colored bell peppers stuffed with Laughing Cow Swiss cheese and carrots, blackberries, yogurt raisins in the container, and a wrap stuffed with cheddar and Swiss cheese, yellow bell pepper, asparagus, tomato, and Trader Joe's white bean hummus.

In these lunches...


  1. I love both lunches! I love how you reuse your scraps!

  2. How precious are your flowers!?! What a beautiful way to bring Spring...snow or not!

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