Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter's On It's Way

Well, I have finally worked out my part of Easter dinner...sort of. I typically am in charge of desserts, yet that is the only thing I am still torn on. I think because I love spring-y desserts, it's hard to decide what to make.. lemon tart, lemon poppyseed cake, something fruity, another regular favorite, or something new? Yes! Well, scratch that.. not only do I not want to make 12 different things, but there are only six of us seated at the holiday table this year, so it would be silly to do that. Decisions, decisions. In the meantime, I know I'm in charge of deviled eggs (yum) onion dip (a hot cheesy, delicious spread that at some point I will post), and bread. I'm thinking I had better work it out soon because I work on Saturday, so it leaves me only a little time for planning, shopping, and cooking. Rant over, and on to the lunches!

Easter Bunny Lunch
Brown Cow cream top Greek honey yogurt w/ sprinkles, strawberries, Trader Joe's honey roasted peanuts in the pink bunny container, turkey sausage, carrots, broccoli, grilled cheese bunny, and ranch in the orange container.

Easter Easylunchboxes
Hubby's little-too-cute-for-a-man lunch is strawberries, red and yellow bell peppers, Trader Joe's white bean hummus in the Mini Dipper, Graze's Summer Pudding in the egg, and a toasted cheddar, provolone, and Swiss with mustard sandwich.

In these lunches...


  1. I love your grilled cheese bunny!

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  2. Everything you suggested sounds amazing! I want deviled eggs, now! No one eats them here but me...I may just suck it up and make a few for myself.

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