Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Eve

Yeah, I know there isn't really a Valentine's Eve, but I'm calling it that anyways. It is, after all, the day before, so technically...
Today, we'll finish up some projects to share with family, and do a little baking. I grew up with my grandma's Cherry Chip heart shaped mini cakes for Valentine's Day. Each one was decorated with intricate designs in pink and white, and displayed on individual little doilies. I can do the Cherry Chip, but it was the homemade frosting that really made those treats. The recipe seems to be lost.. or rather, never found after my grandma passed away years ago. For now, sadly, a different version will have to do. I do have her heart tins, after all. Cherry chip cakes, here we come!

valentine chobani bento
Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, grapes, homemade cherry gummies, homemade granola bite, and Chobani strawberry yogurt tube. In the bottom tier is a grilled cheese cut with our FunBites Luv It and some maple turkey breast.
valentine funbites bento

I shared in today's pre-Valentine lunch, too! I've found that I eat better, rather I actually sit down and eat lunch at all, when I pack myself something too. It's simple to make the adjustments going from kid to adult or vice versa. In both lunches, I used the same veggies, just cut differently. I made grilled cheese and used the same protein in each, and both lunches have yogurt and a treat, too. Lunch for kiddo and mom.. done! Back to baking..

Valentine Chobani easylunchboxes
Grilled maple turkey and Swiss, cherry gummy hear, cucumber, tomato, and raspberry dark chocolate Chobani Bite.

In these lunches...


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