Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Plate Lunch for Kiddo

Today's lunch was a simple, plated lunch using our MyPlate for Kids, which I just love! You can also get a side dish for dairy, which we had some vanilla Greek yogurt in, alongside this lunch.
On another note, tomorrow is the first day of Spring or vernal equinox, but we are in the midst of a pretty decent dump of snow and freezing cold winds where I'm at. It's hard to think about spring sunshine today, but I'm hoping a lunch tomorrow full of Spring's promise will still get us in the mood. Today, we're staying in!

myplate lunch
Grapes, chocolate coconut cluster, cucumbers, tomatoes, and edamame, and quesadillas with provolone cheese an smoked tuna.

bento bagelwich
Hubby's packed lunch today was celery, orange segments, a bagelwich with lettuce, tomato, and Provolone cheese (mustard and olive oil mayo on the side), and veggie dip in the container.

In this lunch...


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