Monday, February 18, 2013

On the Road Again

So, if you follow along, you will have noticed that Friday's post was farewell cupcakes for hubby's last day at his job before moving to new one, which started today. He had to get a nice packed lunch, of course. He will be commuting an hour and a half each way for this new job, so it will mean some major routine changes around here. I know he can handle it, but can mama? Time will tell! Anywho.. onto the lunch, right? I used a tire pick because of the long commute, a computer pick because that's the field he works in, and a tiny heart to remind him we love him. Awww...
easylunchboxes daddy bento
Kiwi, grapes, cucumber, tomatoes, Ezekiel bread wraps with avocado, smoked turkey, cheddar cheese, and romaine with mustard and mayo on the side, Starburst candies, and raspberry chocolate flavor Chobani Greek yogurt. All packed in our ThrifTee Gear bag!
chobani thrifteegear

The kiddo's lunch was a simple one I threw together while packing daddy's, but it was well received, so I'm certainly not complaining. I also discovered today that I could use a hunk of cucumber as a dip container. Eureka! I felt pretty clever. I had cut one rather thick hunk of cucumber, and after punching out the little star, I realized it really could hold it's own, and more than that, it could be a container of sorts for the veggie dip. It worked, so I think I'll try out this idea with some other things, too. One less thing to wash is fine by me!
simple bento zoeslunchbox
Maple turkey, Wheat Thins, Swiss cheese, grapes, cucumber, tomatoes, and veggie dip. Although not pictured, this lunch was also paired with a blueberry Chobani Champions Greek yogurt tube.

We linked this lunch up to Lunch for the Ages at iPackLunch. Check it out for my ideas for preschool age kids.

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