Thursday, February 21, 2013

"O" What a Lunch

Today's lunches feature the letter, O. I wish I could take credit for this octopus idea, but CuteZCute creator is totally to blame for it's creative cuteness, except we did ours in cheese!

cutezcute octopus bento
Orange bell peppers with an octopus pick, homemade oat bars, orange, orzo salad with oregano, olive oil, and kalamata olives, colby jack cheese CuteZCute octopus, and octopus white meat turkey dog.
cutezcute octopus

I sent hubby with an 'O' lunch today, too. What better vessel for a sandwich in an 'o' lunch than a bagel, right?
O bento easylunchboxes
Cara oranges, orzo salad with oregano, olive oil, and Kalamata olives, orange bell peppers, homemade oat bar, and an 'O' shaped sandwich with smoked turkey and provolone (condiments on the side).

And here are some of the 'O' worksheets we did, too!

In this lunch...


  1. Super cute octopus and the lunch looks so yummy!:)

  2. I love love LOVE you turkey dog octopus! He is just so cute :]

    Thanks for sharing