Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Cookie Cutter Challenge

Today, I found myself staring at a pile of Christmas cookie cutters, thinking what ones I should use for lunches, what ones I'd need for cookies this year, and which ones I would hide back in the basement pantry. That's when I realized that I should let each cutter have its day to shine. Why not? So, I issued myself a Christmas cookie cutter challenge! I have 10 cutters, and I WILL use them all! To keep me motivated, I thought why not challenge others and have them join in and share their creations too? So, that's what I'm doing. I want to see how YOU use your Christmas and winter cookie cutters too. Do you have favorites you use all the time? Have some rusting away that haven't been used for years? I'd love for you to share anything you do with those cutters.. lunches, snacks, cookies, crafts, etc. If you used a Christmas cookie cutter, share your link below! The only thing I ask is that you link back to me with either a text link to Zoe's Lunchbox or use the button you see below.

Today, my cutter of choice was a snowman! Even though there isn't a lick of snow on the ground (surprising for Michigan), he was calling my name to be picked first!
snowman easylunchboxes
Grilled cheese with Swiss on top, black olives, blueberries, red bell pepper, sugar snap peas, and Chobani Champions Vanilla Chocolate Chunk yogurt with extra shaved bittersweet chocolate 'snow' on top.
snowman worksheets
Now, it's your turn! Link up your post using any Christmas or winter themed cookie cutter! Be sure to check out other contributor's links, leave comments, and share the love! Thanks for participating and be sure to watch for the rest of the Christmas Cookie Cutter Challenges! The challenge and linky will be open until Christmas day, so link up anytime between now and then! Thanks for stopping by and participating!

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