Sunday, December 23, 2012

Starry Night

Well, it's almost that time. I am still determined to get my 10 Christmas cookie cutters used, but it might possibly be that I finish up just after Christmas. We'll see. This is number 9, so I'm doing okay! We used the star cutter today... obviously. Feel free to join me in the challenge! I'd love to see the creative ways others are using their cookie cutters, even if it's 'just' cookies!

star easylunchboxes bento
Broccoli, cucumber, orange bell pepper, smoked turkey, 'soft' and grilled cheese with cheddar jack cheese, and pomegranate seeds.

And my favorite part... :) Little hands that just want to get in there really are the sweetest!
star easylunchboxes bento
Now for that Cookie Cutter Challenge business... It's your turn to join the challenge by linking up your post using any Christmas or winter themed cookie cutter! Be sure to check out other contributor's links, leave comments, and share the love! To participate, please either use the button below or link back via text. Thanks for sharing and be sure to watch for the rest of the Christmas Cookie Cutter Challenges! The challenge and linky will be open until Christmas day, so link up anytime between now and then! Thanks for stopping by and participating!

Zoe Lunchbox Christmas


  1. So cute. Do your kids eat better if you make it cute? I'm toying with the idea, but it seems like a lot of work if it doesn't promote extra eating! :)

    Lindsey @

  2. My daughter eats WAY better since I started making food 'fun'. I've found that by doing little things like using cookie cutters or adding a food pick or colorful silicone cup really takes NO more time then packing any other lunch. Really.. Maybe the extra 20 seconds to pull out the cutter, but it is really no more effort once you start doing it, and for us, it has made a significant positive impact in not only food choices for all of us, but in just enjoying mealtime in general. Give it a try and stop by anytime!