Monday, December 10, 2012

Puzzling Lunch

As far back as I can remember, I loved puzzles. I love them still today... word puzzles, logic puzzles, spatial puzzles, and especially, jigsaw puzzles. I don't pretend to know all the benefits of puzzles, but I know they challenge my mind, which can't be bad, right? For me, jigsaws do even more though. I find some zen in doing them, and they help me to relax and unwind. They are fun and rewarding, too!
zoe's lunchbox puzzle
For me, it was natural and simple to introduce puzzles to our daughter very early on. From the beginning, we have used Melissa & Doug puzzles as part of our routine. We started with the knob or chunky puzzles, then peg, sound, and educational puzzles, and now are on to traditional jigsaws from wooden to 'room' sized floor puzzles. In fact, puzzles have given us a new nighttime routine as of late. As I mentioned, puzzles help my body to wind down and relax, and of course, they engage and tire my mind. So, we have started to incorporate puzzles into our bedtime activities for our daughter. Using puzzles to create quiet and calm before bed has been wonderful experience for all of us.

Since I had puzzles on the brain, we also had fun making a puzzle lunch today too. Feed the body. Feed the mind!
puzzle Easylunchboxes bento 
Kale, peanut butter sandwich, vanilla yogurt, raspberries, cucumber, Swiss and colby-jack cheese.

If you don't have a puzzle shaped cutter, you can really use any type of cutter you have on hand to make a fun, simple puzzle inspired lunch or snack. Make your sandwich or desired food as usual and cut with your choice of cutter. Then, hand cut that shape into pieces that can be assembled before eating! In this example, a snowman, you could add mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, or other food items to further decorate your creation after it is pieced together. Have fun!
puzzle sandwich


  1. The snowman puzzle sandwich is super cute! We love puzzles in our house. I just got my 18 month old daughter a bunch of chunky puzzles from Melissa and Doug for Christmas and can't wait to give them to her.

    Cari @ Reach For The Star Berries
    Reach For The Star Berries