Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gingerbread Men

I have never made gingerbread. Frankly, it scares me. Every dough recipe I've seen seems difficult to work with, and who needs to add difficulty to cookie baking? Anyways, I will manage to do a premade gingerbread house, and then, there's gingerbread men sandwich. That I can handle! Plus, it is one more cutter down on my Christmas Cookie Cutter Challenge! Oh, and some of my bento blogging buddies did another Ho Ho Holiday Hop today, so be sure and jump in on it and check out all the wonderful holiday ideas they had to offer!

gingerbread bento easylunchboxes
Cucumbers, red bell pepper, apples, Chobani Champions vanilla chocolate chunk Greek yogurt, grilled Swiss and American on whole wheat toast, and white chocolate peppermint candies.

Now, it's your turn! Join the challenge by linking up your post using any Christmas or winter themed cookie cutter! Be sure to check out other contributor's links, leave comments, and share the love! To participate, please either use the button below or link back via text. Thanks for sharing and be sure to watch for the rest of the Christmas Cookie Cutter Challenges! The challenge and linky will be open until Christmas day, so link up anytime between now and then! Thanks for stopping by and participating!

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