Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Wreath Lunch & Crispy Mint Bark

Today's Christmas Cookie Cutter Challenge for me was the wreath cutter. This happens to be one of those cookie cutters that hangs out in the back of the drawer year after year, but I think I have a new found respect for it. Turned out pretty cute, I think, and it definitely has cookie possibilities.. for next year..

wreath easylunchboxes bento
Red bell pepper, green olives, carrots, strawberry jello, kiwi 'wreaths', kale, and a grilled ham and swiss sandwich w/ provolone bow.

candy cane bark
We also made some crispy peppermint bark, from the blog, Everybody Likes Sandwiches. We pulverized our candy canes in the food processor, though, which made for a pink bark. Still yummy, pink or not! Melt 500g GOOD white chocolate, then add 12 crushed candy canes and 2 cups of crisp rice cereal. Spread it on a wax lined cookie sheet and refrigerate to set. Break into pieces and you have some airy, sweet, crispy, minty goodness to enjoy!

Now for that Cookie Cutter Challenge business... It's your turn to join the challenge by linking up your post using any Christmas or winter themed cookie cutter! Be sure to check out other contributor's links, leave comments, and share the love! To participate, please either use the button below or link back via text. Thanks for sharing and be sure to watch for the rest of the Christmas Cookie Cutter Challenges! The challenge and linky will be open until Christmas day, so link up anytime between now and then! Thanks for stopping by and participating!

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