Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

For everyone that is celebrating Thanksgiving, have a wonderful holiday. Stay safe if traveling (or deep frying a turkey), enjoy time with family and friends, and embrace the things you are thankful for. Right now, I'm thankful that all my cooking is done. I'm the 'baker', so pies, bread, cookies, etc are my job. Everything can be done the night before, which definitely has its benefits come the day of. We also made caramel apple salad this year.. yum! If I think to get pictures amid the holiday chaos, I'll be sure to share the recipe. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving pilgrim indian easylunchboxes
Brown Cow maple yogurt, blueberries, orange and red bell peppers, ranch veggie dip, teriyaki tofu, Muenster cheese, and sugar shaped Mayflower and roast turkey.

In this lunch...


  1. Adorable lunch!! Hope you had a fantastic holiday! :)

  2. Hi Sarah,

    My daughter saw this and said that she would absolutely eat it. It seems like overnight she went from my good eater to picky eater. I think I forgot to add the "pretty" to her lunches. Thank you for all of the wonderful meals you share. Hopefully, I'll get my good eater back.