Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Whole Foods Halloween!

While yesterday was a nightmare for me with 2 hour treks each way (while still battling strep and a sinus infection) to a doctor's appointment, plus power outages and subsequent delays once we made it there, we were able to take some time out and make our way to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods to stock up before heading back. So, today, we are ALL enjoying our lunches almost exclusively with Whole Foods produce and deli. Yum! Sorry for those ready to move on to the next thing, but you will be getting one more Halloween post tomorrow after trick or treating, pumpkin carving, dry ice-capades, and all that is Halloween for us. Everyone stay safe and have fun today and tonight, whatever your adventures may be!

halloween bento
Kiddo's lunch - Turkey Swedish meatball, ramen w/ dinosaur kale, red bell pepper, red grapes, cheddar mozzarella cheese, sour cream, chocolate spider, and candy corn.

locknlock bento whole foods
Mama's lunch - tofu spring roll w/ peanuts sauce, red grapes, dinosaur kale salad w/ sesame oil and sesame tofu, roasted sage squash and zucchini.

easylunchboxes halloween
Daddy's lunch - California quinoa salad, soy sauce, sesame tofu, tofu spring roll, roasted Brussels sprout, red grapes, cranberry orange granola, and 365 vanilla yogurt w/ sprinkles.

In these lunches...


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