Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Letter I Lunch

Okay, so I cheated here.. there is actually not a single food in this lunch that starts with I. Originally, it was going to be a homemade ice cream day, but that was a fail too since the ice cream base never made it in the freezer last night.. boo.. I have to learn to just leave it in there so it's ready whenever I am. Maybe tomorrow.. So, instead, we did the whole lunch in an Ice cube tray. Love doing the muffin tin meals, so why not? Turned out to be a really decent amount of food and it was a lot of fun I think to have all the little bits of variety. While we were at it, a rainbow just sort of came together too!

icecube rainbow bento lunch
Mozzarella cheese, smoked turkey, Kalamata olives, celery, dill pickle, spinach, yellow bell pepper, mini Ritz crackers, homemade caramel corn puffs, orange bell pepper, peach, colby jack cheese, strawberry, cherry tomatoes, and salami.

Letter I worksheets
Some of our letter 'I' worksheets. We also built an igloo with blocks! And I did promise myself kiddo that ice cream too!