Thursday, October 11, 2012

Food Groups 101

Okay, so this wasn't lunch, it was dinner, but I cannot get enough of this plate.. seriously! Super Healthy Kids makes it, as well as other versions of it. This one is the MyPlate for Kids. We've found some very creative ways to use this plate (and mini Dairy bowl), not just eating, inspired by some fantastic ideas from Super Healthy Kids' product line and website.

myplate food groups
Whole grain bread, breaded chicken breast, yellow bell pepper, parsley, cherry tomatoes, and peaches.

My kiddo's hand at sorting foods was fabulous fun, too. Using some printable tools from Super Healthy Kids, she sorted foods into fruits, veggies, protein, grains, and dairy. Lots of possibilities with projects like this! We have some others in mind too.. hmm.. would also love to hear anyone's ideas for food group projects, especially for preschool age kids. Oh, and the fun with this plate may be shared with one of our lucky readers very, very soon ... so, stay tuned!

myplate zoe's lunchbox food group
Here she is, sorting food groups! Print off some pictures of foods in all food groups, use a divided plate or printout, and let the sorting begin. Extend the idea further, and let your child choose their fruit and/or veggie for the day, and you provide the protein/grain for an easy, healthy collaboration on lunch. For us, letting our daughter be able to take part in food choices, either by helping shop for ingredients, preparing food, or simple meal planning and sorting exercises like this has opened up the door for a kid that is eager and willing to try more foods, and healthy ones at that!

In this lunch...