Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Philly

This was another lunch that, thanks to Momables, includes a little something different, a kid style 'philly cheesesteak'. One might find it odd that I've never had roast beef .. at least not as far back as I can recall. Still, I purchased just enough Boar's Head roast beef for a sandwich, added some whipped cream cheese on white bread, and served it up with today's lunch for the kiddo. She loved it! Another fantastic, simple sandwich variation thanks to Momables! While you're visiting, don't forget to enter our MyPlate for Kids giveaway too!

fall locknlock bento
Cheddar mozzarella stick, chow mein noodles, dried cranberries, orange jello w/ zest and segments, spinach, orange and yellow bell pepper, stacked Momables 'philly cheesesteak'.

In this lunch...


  1. Super cute! What is the acorn made of? And I can't get my girls to even try bell pepper! :(

  2. The acorn is a cupcake pick, which we used to 'hold' the sandwich together.. just happens to be super cute too! One of my daughter's favorite foods is bell pepper, but only the sweet ones. She won't touch a green pepper to save her life! Try a really juicy sweet pepper, and I know it sounds crazy, but peel it! The skin held my daughter back for a while, but then we peeled them and she was insatiable.. still is, but now the peel is acceptable! Also, my kiddo likes crunchy foods, so raw was best, but doing a quick saute with a wee bit of butter or flavor packed oil and mixing with a favorite like pasta might do the trick if yours likes softer stuff. Keep trying.. you might just be surprised!