Thursday, October 18, 2012


On the heels of the fantastically fun Halloween Hop, I've still got many more ideas to share! Have I mentioned yet how much I love this season and this holiday?! Yeah, maybe once or twice.. In addition to lunchtime fun, we're in the process of editing a costume we've borrowed from a friend. I figured this will be the last year that I'll be able to just do a mama chosen or 'simple' costume. Next year, kiddo will be nearing 5, so the chances of convincing her to do something other than her own idea will be slim. We are borrowing a bumblebee, but what was supposed to be an easy peasy thing has turned into a major reconstruction. We've added structure to the wings with wire and sewed up that whole mess, and I added supports to the antennae now too. We have yet to manufacture a stinger, fix the hood (looks like the bee had a stroke as is), and add some fun leggings to complete the costume. Poo... In other news, Boo! Enjoy the ghosties!! And, before you leave, be sure and enter for your chance to win a MyPlate for Kids in our current giveaway!

ghost easylunchboxes bento
Orange jello, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, fruit leather, candy corns, open face ghost sammies - 1 with salami and swiss, 1 with provolone and turkey.

In this lunch...