Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Batty For You

Eight more days until Halloween. First let me say, I'm making progress on that bee costume and its many modifications. We went to our local Children's Zoo this past weekend for their annual Zoo Boo! I love that we literally live 5 minutes from a zoo. It's small, but it's nice. In fact, I worked there as a zookeeper, then an education outreach coordinator for some time. I grew up going there, too, so it holds a special place in my heart. Anyways, you can see the costume (with some edits yet to be made) here. Awe...
Zoe's Lunchbox bee costume
My Buzz-y Bee
As for the lunch, I went with bats, complete with a set of frozen yogurt vampire teeth. Such a fun idea.. I wasn't the only one that went for it, either. Eats Amazing did these fun frozen yogurt teeth, too. I'd say hers turned out even better than ours did, so check them out! We used a silicone mold with Chobani Champions Verry Berry Greek yogurt and vanilla for the teeth. Love those silicone molds!

bat bento easylunchboxes
Vanilla and Verry Berry yogurt, red bell peppers, cucumber, Colby jack cheese and turkey on multigrain bread thins.

frozen yogurt vampire teeth

In this lunch...


  1. I love the frozen Yogurt teeth. What a fantastic idea. Wonder if it would work with daughter doesn't like yogurt.

  2. Ooh.. you could easily use one of the jello based homemade 'gummies' recipe and do the teeth. Maybe a red jello, then let it set, and do plain gelatin with marshmallow for white?

  3. Love the lunch!! The chompers are so spooky :D