Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Dinosaur Says RAWR

Today, we were talking about what animals 'say' what when we were looking at flashcards. When we got to TRex, kiddo says, after a dramatic pause, that a dinosaur says "RAWR" (at the top of her lungs, mind you). Love it! Can't deny the power of a good 'Rawr'! Speaking of denying the power of something, this caramel 'corn' has me under it's spell... deeply and deliciously under it's spell. My friend makes this stuff every year and tortures me with a tiny, single half gallon portion of it. This year, I will be making some myself, so prepare to be tortured when I post the ridiculously simple recipe!

dinosaur bento lunch locknlock
Dinosaur shaped pasta in tomato sauce, smoked Gouda cheese, red and yellow bell peppers, salami, turkey, Pirate's Booty and some homemade caramel corn. 

In this lunch...